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Superb service!
The tow boat operator (Rick Kingsbury) was extremely competent, prompt and courteous. He really got us out of a jam.

John H.

Hello Debora-

I got your contact information from Dennis Zak, and I wanted to send you a note in appreciation of a few of your great employees at Yacht Works. On July 2nd, in the middle of our honeymoon boating trip, we had the misfortune of soft grounding our boat late at night near Washington Island. Fortunately, it was at slow speed and we had no injuries but knew much damage to the boat had occurred. After calling the Coast Guard and Boat US Towing, we determined we were not in any immediate danger, and a tow boat would be deployed in the morning. Before 7am, help had arrived, and Curtis Rice stepped onto our boat. He confirmed that we were unhurt and safe, and assured us that we could be towed in. My new wife Valerie and I felt immediately comfortable with Curtis and the tow boat driver, and we knew we were in good hands. After an hour ride at slow speed to Yacht Works in Sister Bay, we arrived safely on land and watched as our boat was lifted by crane to initially assess the damage. Both stern drives were badly damaged, and Curtis reassured us that all would be ok. After stepping in to your office and having a short conversation with Curtis, Rick, and Kent, we immediately recognized their professionalism, confidence, and depth of knowledge. We then knew that we had arrived at the best possible facility in the state of Wisconsin- Yacht Works.

Through the next two days we were treated in a manner that can only be described in one word: incredible! Your team demonstrated kindness, warmth, and commitment to us as we were still technically on our honeymoon (just interrupted!). We were extended every courtesy possible. Over the last two weeks, Curtis, Rick, and team have done a great job with the surveyor, insurance company, etc. We hope to pick the boat up shortly, but I wanted you to know how one customer feels about the great business and committed team you have.

Best Regards,
David Southworth