Salt Lifestyle

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So, what is the “Salt Lifestyle”…

For most folks living in the Keys, the Salt Lifestyle is their idea of paradise. Paradise Found is what anyone who visits or lives in the keys will tell you! The tranquil clear turquoise waters on a given day make it a top boating and fishing destination where sea life abounds.

Owning a boat is almost a requirement in order to experience and enjoy the beauty and all the Keys has to offer. From dive doors, swim ladders and platforms; these are perfect jumping off points for friends and family to enjoy swimming, sand bar raft-ups, snorkeling, and diving. There are over 800 islands from the top of Key Largo to Key West to explore and you have what’s left of a lifetime to enjoy it.

A Lifetime of Experiences

Offshore fishing, Backcountry fishing, cruising and restaurant hopping…life is always better on a boat. Yacht works are your dealer that can assist in making your lifestyle dreams a reality. Call us today, get on the water tomorrow and let’s get salty!